Need a surfboard or wetsuit while you're in Gisborne? Come down and see the team at Blitz and we'll make sure you're provided for so that you can go out and make the most of our beautiful surf beaches. Schools, community, charity and sports groups get in touch we'll look after your needs.

We have a wide range of hire boards available at all times (selection may be more limited during busy periods).  We currently have 6'4" and 7'0" fish, 6'7"-7'10" funboards, 8'7"-9'6" longboards and 10'6"- 11'6" stand-up paddleboards for hire.  We also have in stock a Firewire Hellfire 6'4 and Spitfire 5'10 for hire, and a finless Project Albacore for the daring.  Demo boards are available for rent and if this leads to a purchase you will get the rental price taken off the board purchase price.


Half Day: $30
Full Day: $40

 Need a board for longer? Come talk to us and we'll sort you out a sweet deal!

We also carry a whole load of 3/2mm full length wetsuits for hire from children's size 8 to men's XXL and everything in between.  You wanna stay warm while you're carving it up out at Wainui right?

Half Day:
Full Day:
1 x wetsuit will come free with each board hire if required.

And how about this sport of Stand-up Paddleboarding that is taking the world by storm?  Blitz is perfectly located by the confluence of the Waimata, Taruheru and Turanganui Rivers to learn how to paddle and balance on a Sup and hone your skills before you paddle out to the mellow waves at Waikanae Beach to have a go at riding the waves.  We have some big, stable 11'6" SUPs available to hire with adjustable paddles so the whole family can have some fun.  The boards are even big enough to take your dog on the front if he likes the water.  If you are an inexperienced wave rider please discuss thoroughly the rules and considerations of wave riding on a SUP before you head out into the public to catch some waves.  This sport is very easy to learn but you are responsible for a rather large piece of surf craft, you wanna make sure everyone else in the vicinity stays friends with you right?

One hour: $20
Half Day: $40
Full Day: $60

Board and wetsuit deals are also available.

So get on down to Blitz Surf Shop in Gisborne for all your surfboard, SUP and wetsuit hire needs.